The Tesla Charging User Experience

Due to the release and popularity of new Tesla models, it is common to take an hour or more for a charging bay to become available.

This feature aims to eliminate the need for vehicles to form a line.

Vehicles are automatically checked in when they enter a GEO fenced area with the charging station as the destination.

Wait times are displayed, as well as a list of vehicles, and drivers are notified when they should proceed to an open bay, reducing the need to wait in the car.

Tesla begins charging push notification

Range anxiety is another major issue when it comes to driving an EV. This phenomenon is heightened further when you’re low on fuel and have no way of knowing how long the wait will be to begin charging. It’s nerve-racking, especially in cases of emergencies.

Bump is a feature that aims to alleviate stress by providing two tokens per year that can be used to advance your ride to the front of the line when in a pinch.

Tesla Charging Check-in Feature

The time saved with these features can better be utilized, like through exploring the area. Additionally, co-sponsorships, scavenger hunts, and fitness challenges can be used to reframe a frustrating experience into an enjoyable event.

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