Stocker – Arduino Stock Market Tracking Lamp

*** Click for Build Instruction and Code ***

Pronounced Stalker, Stocker is a USB Arduino lamp which changes colors depending on the state of the stock it’s tracking.

Using the desktop application we enter a stock or indices to monitor and from there the app checks the market every minute and change the lamp color accordingly.

Here is a video of Stocker in action.

Stocker is controlled via Processing and Firmata and uses Google API to obtain stock data.

Here is an example of API URL to check Apple stock.


The device portion of this project consists of a USB powered Arduino UNO and a homemade RGB LED shield.


Lamp cover was made of  some spare acrylic heated and shaped into an arc. The texture was achieved by creating bubbles in the surface using a heat gun.


If you have any questions or want instructions on how to build your own Stocker leave me a comment and I’ll post schematic and code.

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